Dr. Fatih Birol shared his views on global and Turkish energy developments

at EIF Energy Congress and Expo

Dr. Fatih Birol 
also mentioned IICEC's upcoming publication, the "TURKEY ENERGY OUTLOOK 2020" (3:57:00)


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IICEC's "Turkey Energy Outlook 2020" will be released on 23rd November 

The IICEC Turkey Energy Outlook (TEO) will be launched in November. The TEO features two Scenarios, detailed projections out to 2040, that are built on a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive modeling framework. The TEO model developed by IICEC employs “bottom-up” methodology relying on extensive and detailed data, for example, the performance parameters of every significant power plant in Turkey. It is a holistic model that covers all sectors, fuels and technologies for the Turkish energy economy. 


The Reference Scenario reflects a continuation of current policies but not necessarily achieving the most ambitious and challenging long-term targets. The Alternative Scenario includes additional policy initiatives that, while cost-effective, require more challenging policy obstacles to be overcome. The TEO Scenarios also take into account the current and possible future impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on each sector and fuel.


The Alternative Scenario policies are estimated to produce many benefits for Turkey. For example, they show increasing clean Turkish energy technology manufacturing rather than importing these technologies. Turkey will produce more renewable and nuclear power while using energy more efficiently and addressing power system and grid flexibility. Renewable energy will also grow outside of the power sector as industry, agriculture and buildings use less coal and oil in favor of renewables and natural gas. Large reductions are shown in Turkey’s energy imports with more renewables and, especially, reduced imports of natural gas due to continued E&P success shown recently in the Black Sea. 


Progress is enabled by greater private-sector participation with faster progress to competitive electricity and natural gas markets and cost-reflective energy prices while addressing social considerations. Significant energy efficiency improvements are achieved in buildings, industry and transport by means of policy choices such as transport modal shifts, energy performance contracts in buildings and developing technologies around electric vehicles, digitalization and many others. While restrictions on GHG emissions are not included among the Alternative Scenario policies, the TEO predicts falling GHG emissions, even with a projected growth in Turkey’s consumption of energy services and a post-2040 pathway towards net-zero emissions. Throughout all of these developments, an emphasis is placed on Turkish R&D and manufacturing with the aim that Turkey should become an exporter of advanced energy technologies as it enjoys the energy security, efficiency and environmental benefits they provide to Turkey.


Professor Carmine Difiglio said, “As 2020 will be my last year serving as IICEC’s Director, I believe that, working with Bora Bey and the great IICEC team, we have produced a landmark long-term outlook for the entire Turkish energy economy. In addition, we’ve produced it near the end of a consequential year for the world’s and Turkey’s energy markets and it is fortunate that it wasn’t, for example, released last year. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken so many lives and disrupted the world economic order. Any long-term outlook published before this tragedy would already be obsolete. In addition, just two months ago, relatively recent Turkish E&P investments payed off in a big way, much sooner than most experts expected, opening a new era for Turkish hydrocarbon production. Any outlook that did not reflect the updated consequences of Turkish E&P activity would also have been obsolete. Consequently, with the modeling framework and policy analysis we developed prior to and during 2020, we were able to show a pathway, accounting for today’s realities, towards Turkey’s energy and economic security as well as advancing Turkey’s energy efficiency, clean energy supplies and environmental sustainability.”


IICEC Director Research Bora Şekip Güray said that the Turkey Energy Outlook, presenting a complete picture of the Turkish energy sector, would stand as a key reference for policy-makers, energy investors, technology developers and many other sector participants as well as the energy consumers. Güray pointed out that the TEO is the outcome of a rigorous work to develop a holistic energy model along the energy value chain of supply, transformation and demand sectors and technologies. “Scenarios out to 2040 were developed within a solid modelling framework to assess implications of energy policies, commodity dynamics and technological progress on Turkey’s fuel trade balances, energy security, energy market development and technology localization efforts. The TEO findings show the improvement potential to utilize untapped potential in renewable energy, energy efficiency and many other areas with today’s technology and taken into consideration the potential energy technology advancements. Objective policy analyses resulted in a number of policy recommendations to further Turkey’s progress to achieve a more secure, efficient, localized, technology-oriented and environmentally sustainable energy future. We hope the readers will find the TEO analyses, with a long-term perspective, both helpful and interesting.” 



IICEC Webinar: "Turkish Hydrogen Economy"

IICEC organized a webinar on ‘‘Turkey Hydrogen Economy’’ on September 24, 2020.


The participants of the webinar were:

Bora Şekip Güray, Director of Research, IICEC (Opening Speech), Barış Sanlı, Researcher, Bilkent Energy Policy Research Center (Moderator), Yaşar Arslan, Chairman, GAZBİR, Prof. Dr. İskender Gökalp, Professor, METU Mechanical Engineering Department, Ankara and ICARE- CNRS, Orléans, France, Dr. Emre Gençer, Research Scientist, MIT Energy Initiative


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Dr. Fatih Birol participated in MITei's webinar
MIT Energy Initiative webinar on ''Outlook for Global Energy and Climate Trends Post - Covid-19'' was held on 15 September 2020 with the participation of Executive Director of International Energy Agency (IEA) and Honorary Chairman of IICEC,

Dr. Fatih Birol.


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Prof. Carmine Difiglio attended to EPRINC's Virtual Workshop

EPRINC has hosted virtual workshop entitled “Keeping the Lights on in California: Some Simple Lessons for Sustaining Reliable Power Generation.”

The workshop included a discussion of EPRINC’s forthcoming assessment of California power by EPRINC’s Max Pyziur, with accompanying commentary by Erik Rakhou, the former Dutch Utility Energy regulator; KK Sharma, former Director of Operations at India’s largest utility, NTPC; Ash Shastri, EPRINC Fellow and adviser to the European Gas Center; Carmine Difiglio, Professor, Sabanci University (Istanbul); and Ed Randolph, Director, California Public Utility Commission’s Office of Energy Policy (invited).


Please click here for the presentations.  




IICEC Energy Market Newsletter Issue 16 

IICEC Energy Market Newsletter Issue 16 published in the middle of November. 


Please click here to read the newsletter.


IICEC Energy Market Newsletter Issue 15 

IICEC Energy Market Newsletter Issue 15 published at the beginning of October with the viewpoint by Mr. Ahmet Eren. 


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IICEC Energy and Climate Research Review Book

The IICEC Energy and Climate Research Review is organized by energy sectors and themes namely: fossil fuels, nuclear power, renewables, efficiency measures, energy technology and innovation, as well as climate policy and regional economies.


We intend that the Review can efficiently provide energy professionals the benefits of many of the most important policy studies that they might not otherwise have the time to consider. We aim to foster to a wider appreciation of the global energy policy agenda by making these research studies more accessible.


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Bora Şekip Güray shared his views about recent developments 

IICEC Director of Research Bora Şekip Güray shared his views about the Turkish energy sector to Dünya Newspaper.


Please click here to read the views. (Turkish) 


Bill Gates, supports Dr. Fatih Birol's call for more and faster innovation in clean technologies to achieve its climate targets. >>>



Enerjisa's CFO Dr. Michael Moser took part in the list of the Turkey Fortune Magazine's 50 Most Influential CFOs. (Turkish) >>>

Hosted by Enerjisa, the event of the Power & Energy Society (PES) within the IEEE, which has approximately 500,000 members worldwide, will be held in İstanbul in September 2021. (Turkish) >>>

Petrol Ofisi and Chevron Brands International LLC have signed an agreement covering the license, production, distribution, and marketing of lubricants. (Turkish) >>> 

Petrol Ofisi's number of solar stations is increasing. (Turkish) >>> 

Petrol Ofisi became the fuel supplier of İstanbul Deniz Otobüsleri. (İDO) (Turkish) >>> 

Petrol Ofisi won the "Golden Award" in the field of data analytics at the Social Media Awards Turkey 2020. (Turkish) >>> 

Petrol Ofisi received two awards at The Owl Awards with one research. (Turkish) >>>

Sanko Energy opened a robotic coding class at Fatih Primary School in Salihli, Manisa. (Turkish) >>>

Sanko Energy planted a total of 16,500 trees on both sides of the geothermal power plant pipes in Salihli, Manisa. (Turkish) >>>

Shell Turkey Country Chairman Ahmet Erdem has shared the views to Petrotürk. (Turkish) >>>  

Shell Turkey Country Chairman Ahmet Erdem said that the discovery of natural gas will contribute to reducing Turkey's current account deficit. (Turkish) >>>  

SOCAR Turkey energy companies in the social media category was the winner of the Gold Award as the best use of the brand. (Turkish) >>>

Zorlu Energy's CEO Mr. Sinan Ak said that we should create a new generation economy that creates the lowest level of carbon emissions. (Turkish) >>>

Zorlu Energy's CEO Mr. Sinan Ak was the guest of the “Enerji Hattı” program presented by Şafak Tükle at A Para. (Turkish) >>> 

Zorlu Energy publishes its 6th Sustainability Report. >>>



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